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Riesling Report is a Web site for all of you who are passionate about great wines and have succumbed to the irresistible charms of Riesling, the most noble and expressive of white wine grape varieties. On this site you will find tasting notes, estate reviews, news and in-depth stories on Riesling producers, regions, styles, cuisine and travel.

The Riesling Report magazine

Once upon a time, two venturesome Riesling fanatics thought it would be a wonderful idea to launch a bi-monthly electronic magazine dedicated to the pleasures and fascinations of Riesling. And lo, on the ides of March, at the dawning of the second millennium, they brought their splendid plan to fruition, creating the first-ever magazine devoted to a particular variety of wine. And it was good.

This marvelous work was quite pleasureable and rewarding, yet three celestial turnings and 17 issues hence, the two weary adventurers discovered, to their great dismay, that producing the magazine required far more time and capital outlay than had been anticipated. Other obligations, personal and professional, also came to demand greater and greater shares of their life energy, until finally the decision was made to discontinue publication of the bi-monthly Riesling Report subscription magazine.

How to acquire the magazine library
The complete library of Riesling Report electronic (PDF) magazine back issues is available for download at no charge. For details, please visit our Magazine Library page.

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If you have any interensting Riesling news to report, please contact us by e-mail: kirk@rieslingreport.com.


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